Tips | McNeil Printing in Orem Utah


Design Tips: 

Choosing a Border Option

We offer several different border options. Use the tips below to pick the best option for your canvas print. 

Gallery Wrap:

Gallery wrap, or sometimes called image wrap, uses the original photo to wrap around the canvas edges for a continuous image around the edges. This works well if the subject of your image is towards the middle and won't get wrapped around the edge. 

Mirror Wrap:

Mirror wrap is similar to Gallery wrap, but the image is mirrored allowing extra space so the image on the front of the canvas doesn't get cropped.

Color Border:

If your subject is toward the edge of your image, and you don't want the edges to wrap around the frame, you could choose the Color Border option. Your image will show on the front and a colored border will show on the edge of the frame. You can choose from different color options in our online canvas designer. 


Mounted on high quality board, the image will not wrap around the edge. 






We are happy to work with you to find the best solution for your gallery wrap. If you find these tips doen't answer your questions, please feel free to contact us.