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At McNeil Printing, we value our customers and make it our goal to be a valuable partner to them. We always welcome your feedback so that we can continue to improve our services every day. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to tell us what you think.

Here are a few comments from our customers:

“Blendtec is proud to consider McNeil Printing a key strategic business partner.  Their quality service and delivery are excellent and their attention to detail reflects this with each shipment.  All these things along with competitive pricing make it possible for us to succeed and it’s a pleasure doing business with them!  We sincerely appreciate their efforts and want to say THANK YOU for all that they do!!!”

Shawn Syme, Senior Value Chain Analyst
Blendtec Testimonial for McNeil Printing

“When you do business with McNeil Printing you can trust them to do what they say including quick turn arounds, high quality products and competitive prices. Little Giant relies on McNeil Printing when we have a time sensitive crisis and they have never let us down, we consider them a true business partner. Their knowledgeable staff is always professional and they provide excellent service.”

Jeff Dinsdale, VP Purchasing
Little Giant Ladder Systems
Little Giant Ladder Testimonial for McNeil Printing

“McNeil Printing has been a very reliable and excellent partner for the Aquarium. They provide quality work, from concept to delivery. Our Senior Account Executive, Jared Combs, has provided superior communication, managing our projects and being available with prompt responses.  At the Aquarium, we are only able to install signage when we are closed, so it is very important that our vendors are able to keep timeline commitments.  I know I can always count on McNeil to meet deadlines.  I also know McNeil will provide me with a number of viable and creative solutions.  McNeil is very transparent with pricing and will even offer multiple options.  McNeil Printing has exceeded our expectations with their speed, quality, communication and professionalism.”

Suzy Broadbent, Director of Public Relations & Marketing
Loveland Living Planet Aquarium
Living Planet Aquarium Testimonial for McNeil Printing

“McNeil Printing is an excellent source for print materials.  We have been partnering with them since 2010 to provide for all our printing needs.  Our products have been consistently produced in a professional, quick and timely manner.  In addition, they are honest and delightful to work with.  We recommend them highly. Thank you McNeil!”

Sarah McCann
The Enlighten Team
Enlighten Testimonial for McNeil Printing

“We do pretty complex projects with some tight deadlines, but no matter what we throw at McNeil they deliver a quality product on time. Not only is McNeil dependable, they are always happy to answer questions and help figure out the specifics of a project. We have to make our clients look good and McNeil makes it possible.”

Lance Black, President
Eli Kirk
Eli Kirk Testimonial for McNeil Printing

“Nu Skin has used McNeil Printing as a primary vendor for over twenty years. Their quality printing, attention to detail, and exceptional service sets them apart as one of the finest printers in the intermountain area. We can always rely on the personnel at McNeil Printing to meet our very demanding and at times unreasonable delivery requests. Despite these difficult delivery schedules, their high quality standards are always maintained. Our designers frequently comment on the positive experiences they have during press checks at McNeil. As a purchasing manager and one who has spent twenty years in the printing industry, I consider McNeil Printing an important partner with us in producing quality printed marketing materials for our business.”

Dale Dibb, Purchasing
Nu Skin
Nu Skin Testimonial for McNeil Printing

“When looking at a printer to fulfill our companies printing needs, McNeil Printing is on the top of our bidding list. We can count on McNeil for a quick response on bidding, fast delivery, along with good quality print and finishing. When we were looking at printing with a specialty paper, they provided us with a wide range of sample books to look at. When we presented a product concept to McNeil in the design stage, they were very helpful with suggesting an optimal size & paper to get a good look and maintain our price point.”

Heber Everett, Print & Multimedia Buyer
Tahitian Noni International
Tahitian Noni Testimonial for McNeil Printing

“Having worked in the printing community for over 35 years, both as a print shop owner and as a print buyer, I have observed the strengths and weaknesses of dozens of print vendors all over the country. Printing is a highly complex business and McNeil Printing is among the precious few printing companies that have achieved the benchmark of competence in their personalized service, quality assurance, and competitive pricing. But perhaps the most crowning achievement is the culture of McNeil Printing, where the owners and their dedicated employees are on the same page. As a time honored customer for many years, I have come to appreciate the consistency, predictability, and courtesy of dealing with McNeil Printing. A rare find in the printing business.”

Brad Stewart, President
Sum Media
Sum Media Testimonial for McNeil Printing

“We have worked with McNeil Printing for more than 10 years and always been extremely pleased with the service and product quality they’ve provided. On more than one occasion, McNeil Printing has gone above and beyond to meet tight deadlines and accommodate special requests.”

Kamille Combs
Cornbelly's Testimonial for McNeil Printing

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