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Rigid Materials

Rigid materials are easy to display on walls, fences, or easel boards. Most rigid substrates make terrific POP and other retail displays. For specific details, scroll through our rigid substrates below. If you have questions, we are happy to assist you in selecting the ideal substrate for your needs. Just contact us for more information.

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Acrylic Rigid Substrate
Acrylic Sheets
For unique printing on transparent material, select acrylic sheets. This substrate is available in a heavy matte non-glare finish.
C-Panel Substrate
Aluminum Composite Panel (E-Panel)
E-Panel is aluminum faced with a polyethylene core and is available with a satin or gloss finish. E-Panel is extremely durable and is ideal for interior or exterior signage, POP displays, stands and other graphic displays.
Coroplastic Corrugated Board Substrate
Our coroplast substrate is corrugated plastic available in basic white or a variety of other colors. Standard coroplast is 4mm thick with a satin or gloss finish. Coroplast is ideal for exterior signs, political or yard signs, real estate signage, and POP displays.
Foamboard Rigid Substrate
Foamboard is paper faced with a polystyrene foam core. A satin or gloss finish is available in either white or black colors. Available in a thickness of 1/8" or 1/2", this material is ideal for indoor signage.
PVC Board Rigid Substrate
Expanded PVC Board
Available in a satin or gloss finish, expanded PVC board is ideal for POP Displays, signage, and other display graphics. PVC board is available in white, black, and a variety of colors. PVC board comes in 1/8" or 1/2" thicknesses.
Rigid Substrate Ultraboard Material
Ultraboard is perfect for indoor signage and features a satin or gloss finish. Available in 3/16" or 1/2" thickness in black or white colors with a polystyrene foam core.
Styrene Sheets Rigid Printing Materials
Styrene Sheets
Available in a white with a satin or gloss finish, these styrene sheets are perfect for indoor signs, display graphics, car and parking hangers, and POP displays.
Falcon Board Rigid Substrate
Falcon Board
Falcon board is one of the strongest substrates for printing. It's even sturdy enough to make a temporary chair or table. Made from a thick cardboard type material, it can be cut into almost any shape and printed colors look brilliant on its smooth surface. Falcon board is ideal for indoor displays, standees, and POP displays.

Bubble Board Rigid Substrate
Bubble Board
Bubble board is a new material which is ideal for short term displays and can be cut into custom shapes. Its weatherproof structure makes it a great choice for outdoor signs and graphics or yard signs. It's an affordable alternative to corrugated plastic or foam board for a durable and lightweight substrate.