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Digital vs. Offset - Which One Should You Choose?

Our customers often ask whether they should select offset or digital printing for their print job. This quick checklist explains the differences between the two methods of printing.

Offset Printing Color Book

Offset Printing

Offset printing involves creating print plates which will press the different colors of ink onto the paper as it rolls through the press. Each roller in the press contains one of the four main colors - cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Offset is ideal for color matching since pantone colors can be mixed exactly for maintaining brand identity. It's also useful when printing with specialty inks like metallic or transparent inks. Offset printers can print on larger sheets of paper than a digital press so larger projects are ideal for offset.

  • Best color matching for maintaining brand identity
  • Cost effective for larger quantities (over 2,000-3,000)
  • Special inks and effects are available
  • Larger designs can be printed with offset presses

Digital Printing

Digital presses are similar to inkjet printers found in most homes and offices. Because the need for plates and rollers is eliminated, projects can be printed much faster and the cost is usually less, especially for smaller quantities. Although the quality of digital is slightly lower than offset, digital printing has made incredible progress recently and many people can't see a huge difference between the two print processes. Digital printing is ideal for people who want to print using variable data.

  • Quickest turnaround time
  • Cost effective for smaller quantities
  • Personalization is available for each print through the use of variable data
  • Great quality for the price, but not quite as excellent as offset

Contact us here at McNeil Printing and we will help you decide which method would be the fastest and most cost effective for your unique project.