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Print Folding

For custom envelopes, brochures, invitations, and more, it’s important that you get a crisp straight fold every time. Our top-of-the-line equipment ensures precise scoring that won't tear or crack. Our talented bindery and finishing experts will fold your printed piece to perfection.

Popular Folding Styles

We offer a wide variety of folding styles. We've listed a few of our most popular below, including the standard brochure tri-fold (also called the letter fold, three panel roll-fold, or c-fold) where the side panels are folded in, and the accordian fold (also called the z-fold) where the panels create a zig zag shape. This is just a basic introduction to the most simple folds. The possibilities are endless. Ask us how we can make your unique idea a reality!

Half Fold Print Folding Technique for Brochures

Half Fold

A simple half fold is a great way to present business information or create a basic program. This basic fold creates 4 panels for graphics and text.
Tri-fold Brochure Fold at McNeil Printing


The classic tri-fold is your standard brochure fold and is ideal for a brief introduction to a business or idea. This fold creates 6 panels for graphics and information. For a unique look, consider a die cut which cuts the top of the brochure at an angle creating different layer heights on each panel.

Gate Fold Brochure Folding from McNeil Printing

Gate Fold/Double Gate Fold

The gate fold is where two side panels are folded in so that their edges meet in the middle. This creates six panels total with two larger panels which is ideal when you want to show off beautiful photographs. The gate fold became popular as a record cover in the 60s and is still a popular fold today. If you fold the paper inward one more time, this is called the double gate fold (or closed gate fold) and offers 8 equal panels for design.
Double Parallel Fold

Double Parallel Fold

The double parallel fold is created by folding a paper in half and then folding it in half again in the same direction. This folding technique creates 8 panels which fold out to create a larger presentation. This is ideal for programs, promotional material, and presentations with multiple graphics and text boxes.

Accordian Z-fold Print Folding Technique

Accordian Fold

The accordian fold is a twist on the standard tri-fold brochure. Instead of folding both side panels in, the panels are folded in opposite directions to form an accordian zig-zag fold (or z-fold). This folding technique creates 6 panels. The accordian fold is great for mailings and information which may be viewed at a glance.
Roll Fold Brochure Folding Technique from McNeil Printing

Roll Fold

The roll fold can involve as many panels as you want as each panel is folded into the next one. In order to keep the presentation flat, each panel gets slightly smaller. The roll fold technique is ideal for step-by-step instructions or tutorials. It can be a lot of fun to unroll and view at full length.

Pharmaceutical Folding or Miniature Folding

Our folding machines have the capability to perform a single fold down to an intricate miniature fold. Miniature folding, commonly known as pharmaceutical folding, is an area in which we have the competitive advantage. With our folding capabilities we can assist you in creating product inserts or unique promotional materials.

Folding Cartons

We offer customized product packaging options through our high-quality printed folding cartons. Folding cartons are light-weight but sturdy boxes intended for smaller products. With our die cutting capabilities, we can cut your product packaging to almost any shape to showcase your unique brand. Window patching is available for product visibility.

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