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Flyers and Leaflets

Whether you’re looking for club flyers, event flyers, or flyers for business promotion or sales advertising, our brilliant custom printed flyers will help your message get seen. Choose from sturdy cover stock paper or inexpensive text paper depending on your needs. We can print and trim your flyer to almost any size. We can print coordinating posters, too!
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Five Tips for Designing Effective Flyers or Leaflets

  1. Organize your information so that people can read the most important content quickly. Your headline should be creative and catchy so that people will read further. Break up text into short paragraphs or bullet points so that information is not overwhelming.
  2. Since flyers are typically smaller in size, make sure your text is readable. If you use white text on a black background, make sure your font is thick enough to be read. Do not use a font size smaller than 6px.
  3. Make sure your design includes bleeds so that graphics and colors will continue all the way to the edge of your flyer.
  4. Don’t forget to add location, time, and date information to your flyer so that people know exactly where to be and when to be there.
  5. Proofread your content and print out a test copy in the office or at home before sending your design to the commercial printer. It’s easier to spot mistakes once they’re printed!