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Frequently Asked Questions

This page includes some commonly asked questions and answers. More information is also available on our Designer Resources pages. Please contact us if you can't find the answer to your question.

What file formats do you accept/prefer?
We prefer a PDF format with bleed and trim marks included. We also accept Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop files. If files are submitted in any other format, they are subject to review prior to printing the job.

Find more information on setting up your design files for printing.

Please Note: Fonts need to be outlined and any pictures need to be embedded into the file. Please make sure to use a CMYK color mode on your project.

File Resolution for PrintWhat resolution should my graphics be?
It is important to make sure that your images and other graphics are at least 300 dpi when creating files intended for commercial printing. If your images are not 300 dpi, they may appear blurry when printed.

Please Note: Simply changing from a smaller resolution to a larger resolution will not solve the blurriness problem. The only way to ensure high quality printing is to start with a high resolution image.

What if I want to print multiple designs on one page sheet to save paper? Should I lay out the page for printing?
Unlike a copy shop who will require you to set up your own page with multiple designs before copying or printing, we have a prepress department who will fit as many of your designs onto one page sheet as possible. You can send us your design in the exact final size of your project (with bleeds) and we will set it up to print in the most economical way. For more information, visit our page on setting up your document for print.

How do I upload a file?
You can use the Upload Files page on our website.

How long will my job take?
Each job is unique, so we will give you an approximate finish date when we give you a price estimate on your job. We are able to finish your job much more quickly if we have all files at the time you place your order.

What kind of proofs do you offer?
We offer PDF proofs that are sent electronically via email through our online proofing system. For a small fee, we also offer an optional One Off Proof, which is one hard copy of your project mocked up and printed digitally.

We also offer an electronic 3D proof if applicable. This provides a virtual version of the product in which the pages of the document can be “turned” in the same way as a book or magazine. This is helpful for books or multiple page items that don’t finish flat.

Please Note: It requires special software to view a 3D proof which may not work on every computer.


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