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Fabric Banners

Ion Backwall from McNeil PrintingFor a more luxurious and refined look, consider fabric banners to promote your event or business at trade shows and events. We use a dye-sublimation process which combines intense heat and pressure to bind the ink to the substrate. This creates a high resolution permanent image that looks brilliant on fabric banners. Our fabric banners are made of a sturdy polyester nylon blend.

We are located in Orem, Utah and local delivery or pick-up is available to save on shipping! We are proud to serve business partners in Utah Valley and the Salt Lake City area.

Ion Banners

Our Ion banner has a unique shape to stand out among the crowd. High-impact dye sub printing combined with the lightweight aluminum frame makes this a great addition to any trade show, business display, lobby, or presentation. Check out our coordinating Axis backwall.

Fabric Modular Displays

Ask us about our dye-sub fabric modular displays. These come with a lightweight aluminum frame and require no tools for a quick and easy set up. These modular displays are easily reskinned to update your brand message as often as you want. Contact us for more information about our fabric displays.
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