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Door Hangers

Door hangers are a cost efficient way to spread the word about your company or professional services. We’ll print your door hanger in black and white or in full color on premium coated paper for a glossy finish. To make your door hanger even more shiny and finger print and smudge resistant, add a UV coating. For reusable door hangers, ask us about styrene or other rigid plastic materials. Use our standard shape or ask us about die cutting your door hanger to a custom shape. We can also assist you with design services!
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Door Hanger Design Tips

  1. Make sure your text is clearly organized and easy to read. Since door hangers have a limited amount of space, keep your text brief and make sure your font is readable. Text should be no smaller than 6px.
  2. Include a simple image or graphic which tells a story. But keep in mind that there will be a large hole at the top of the design.
  3. Make sure your design files include bleeds so that images extend all the way to the edge of your door hanger and there isn’t a white border around the edge.
  4. Consider including a special offer or coupon to motivate people to respond to your offer.
  5. Make sure you include your professional logo and if possible include information that will build trust with your potential customers. (For example a Chamber of Commerce logo, Better Business Bureau or contractor number.) Make it easy to respond by including contact information or a perforated tear-away section that can be dropped in the mail.

Parking Hangers

For long lasting, weather resistant parking hangers, car hangers, and parking passes, ask us about printing on styrene or acrylic materials.