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Die Cutting

Our professional die cutting services will give your product a precise and consistent cut every time. The cutting possibilities are endless and we have the tools to help you realize your creative vision. Whether you're looking for basic rounded corners and popular shapes or you're looking for a more intricate cut out, we are happy to help you with your project.

It's important to know how die-cutting works when preparing your design file for print. A "die" is constructed by an experience craftsman who shapes wood and metal to create something similar to a stamp. When pressed into paper, instead of stamping ink, a die will cut the paper into a custom shape. Die cutting is one method used for creating the shape of custom product packaging materials which are then folded up into a box or carton.

One thing to keep in mind when planning your die cut print job is the paper that you plan to use. Some types of specialty paper can create a ragged or squishy edge. The thickness of the substrate is important to consider when die cutting. For the cleanest edge, select a thick cover stock paper. The nature of thicker substrates like corrugated cardboard, plastic, or acrylic don't allow for more intricate cut lines. If you plan on mailing your printed piece, you will need to use an envelope so that the piece doesn't get stuck in postage machines.

An alternative to die cutting is routing with a precision cutting machine. At McNeil Printing, we have the best router machine around. You can read more about our amazing routing equipment on our blog. See how we can help you create your masterpiece today!