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Designer Resources and Information

At McNeil Printing, we pride ourselves on producing top quality print work. However, amazing print begins with your amazing artwork. We want to help you set up your files and artwork so that the final product will look exactly the way you want it to look.

Below are a few tutorials or guides that will help you set up and prepare your documents for the print process.

Bleeds & Trim Marks
Setting up your design document with bleeds and trim marks.
Using Photoshop for print design.

Color Profiles
CMYK, RGB, and Pantone Color Profiles.

Size & Resolution
Resolution for print files vs. web files.

Fonts & Images
General information about using fonts and images for print designs.
Creating outlines from fonts in Illustrator or InDesign.
Embedding images into your InDesign or Illustrator design file.

Paper & Other Substrates
Definitions of paper, cardstock, and more.
Determining the thickness of paper.
Standard paper and envelope sizes.
Specs of mesh, vinyl, and rigid materials for display graphics.