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Custom Magnetic Displays

Magnetic displays can be placed almost anywhere! From dry erase boards to stunning wall graphics, the possibilities are endless with magnets. Magnetic displays are ideal for retail displays and changing magnetic graphics is fast and simple enough for anyone to do.
McNeil Magnet Display System

McNeil Magnet System

Our magnetic materials are now made thicker and stronger for long-lasting use. Invest in a McNeil Magnet System and save money over time with quickly changeable magnetic graphics. These magnets are easy enough for any employee to install.

Our McNeil Magnet Systems include a magnet receptive base which can be printed and finished with a laminated gloss or satin finish or dry erase film. Custom graphics which are printed or mounted on a magnet base material are easily interchangeable and you can select from flexible or rigid media. Add more dimension by adding a "stand-off" to your printed design which pops the graphic up 3/4" off the receptive base.

We are happy to offer you a free analysis and measurement for your specific location anywhere in Utah Valley or the Salt Lake City area. Installation is also included!
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Klik Magnetic Display

Klik™ Magnetic Displays

The Klik™ Display System is the perfect solution for displaying products in a trade show or retail environment. The lightweight aluminum frames and tension fabric are incredibly easy to set up. 

There are no holes in the fabric and with our grid system you can switch layouts whenever you feel like it.  Powerful magnets are at the core of Klik™ and when you see the display in action you’d swear it was magic!

Reconfigure the different elements by simply “Klik-ing” them into place. Even a  small trade show booth or retail display will maintain a high visual impact.

You can also re-skin the frames with new graphics to easily change or update your look as often as you want. This entire display goes together without any tools with powerful Klik™ technology.

Klik™ Display Introductory Video

f you're looking for custom vehicle magnets, we have those, too!
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