Creating Outlines from Fonts | McNeil Printing in Orem Utah

Creating Outlines from Fonts

Before sending a document to your printer, it is important to turn your text layers into outlines. We may not own the font you used to create your artwork, which means your text won’t show correctly on our computers. If you turn your text into outlines, it creates a vector shape from your text which will show perfectly even if we do not have your font installed on our computers.

Here’s a quick way to turn your text into outlines before saving your final document. Please note: Once you turn your text into outlines, you will not be able to edit them with your text editor tool. We recommend saving an editable version of your document before turning your text into outlines!

Using Adobe Illustrator CC

Step 1: Select your text layers. At the top of your screen, click on Select, select Object, and then select All Text Objects.

Select Text Layers for Outlines in Illustrator
Step 2: Create outlines of your text. At the top of your screen select Type and then select Create Outlines.

Create Outlines in Illustrator

Using InDesign CC

Step 1: Select your text layers.

Step 2: Select Type and then click on Create Outlines.

Creating Outlines from Text in InDesign
For more information on preparing your files for printing, visit our Resources and Information page.