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From resumes and letterhead to annual reports, we can print stunning professional documents for your business. Make your presentation of financial data, proposals, or marketing reports look amazing with our professional digital printing and binding. We can also print custom folders or covers for your presentations. Learn about our custom carbonless paper forms, too!
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8 Tips for Creating Professional Documents

As any designer can tell you, the visual presentation of your business document is every bit as important as your content. By formatting your documents correctly and adding images, you can make it easier for people to quickly find the information they need and keep them reading past the introductory paragraph. Here are give tips for making your business documents look appealing.

  1. Use charts and graphs to clarify data and statistics.
    Include high resolution images or icons that communicate your message. The right illustrations will help people to easily understand the material or statistics and make quick comparisons. Photos and graphics also add a lot of visual appeal and will keep people interested in your written content.
  2. Consider making an infographic to illustrate your material.
    A professionally designed infographic can help people to understand what your data means and how it applies to various situations. Many people would rather see the data presented visually than have to read a lot of text.
  3. Keep to a consistent color scheme and limit your colored text.
    If you use colors carefully in your text, it helps draw attention to important points, but too much color quickly becomes distracting. Also, take into consideration what colors represent. For instance, red text is often used to express warnings or corrections to errors, so it might not be the best choice for your cheerful announcement.
  4. Use section titles, headings, subheadings, and more to keep your document organized and easy to navigate.
    Use bold, capitalized text, and italics to create a clear structure. (If your document will be published online, it’s important not to underline text unless it is linked to a website.) Horizontal lines or text boxes help to organize content, too.
  5. Add “white space” to make the document look clean and easy to scan.
    Generous margins and spacing between groups of text will make your document look professional and will help people to quickly find what they’re looking for.
  6. Use tables to present information.
    Tables create neat lines which makes your content easy to read. You can separate out important data by adding a border around the table, too.
  7. Choose a font that is easy to read.
    You can use up to three fonts without causing confusion, but make sure your main body of text is easy to read at any size.
  8. Print out your document.
    Use a personal or office printer to print a copy before sending it to your commercial printer. A lot of times typos and errors are more apparent when they are in print. This is a great way to catch those embarrassing mistakes!